Thursday, May 10, 2012

All businesslike...or not

So, with me being so busy these days I figured I'll try and post using my Android phone but for some aggravating reason I can't write in the text box - only in the title box. Bah. But hey, found a minute of time right now to power up the computer. And yes. There's someone craving my attention right away. So much for posting. I was planning on doing ASOS I as well as a short review of The Winds of Khalakhovo because yeah I finally finished it, but there you go. Maybe later tonight, if not maybe tomorrow.
Until then, check out this combat trailer for the Game of Thrones CRPG which is out next week. I admit that even after the terrible flop called Game of Thrones: Genesis this trailer made me interested. Why do so many I&F-related releases flop? Guess I have to dig into that question at some later time. Just mentioning it because it looks like Green Ronin Publishing is failing massively with their roleplaying game products. Enough complaining, now I really have to run before I wake the dragon :)

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