Friday, May 18, 2012

Five days offline

Yeah I've been five days offline. That's when you notice you're addicted to being online (or not). To be honest it was refreshing, but then I had no time really to yearn for the comfort of the Internet (if it can be called a comfort). What I did notice was that I didn't really miss anything when I came back ^^
Been on a trip to a desolate island, shut off from the world including the news, the net, everything really. It was good. Did read a little bit though. Such an amazing thing really to be carrying around an entire library using Kindle. I've started Peter Brett's The Painted Man, continue to read a couple of pages from Gardens of the Moon to keep the Malazan-fix alive, as well as a couple of history books.
And still forcing/stomping myself through Legend of Grimrock. Reached the ninth floor now, it's getting claustrophobic and ever more dangerous, but there must be a way out of this hellish...but cutely animated...prison.
Coming back home first thing to do was of course to watch episode seven of Game of Thrones Season Two. Again, I feel they are deviating too much from the books. I understand it's an adaptation but this is going too far for my tastes (again). Still, some good scenes, the actors are doing a good job, and it surely is the best thing ever on TV (with Firefly being the possible exception). Best scene in my opinion was between the Hound and the growing-into-a-stunning-woman Sansa because it echoed the books more than all the other scenes combined (or so it felt watching it). I am afraid all this deviating will lead the show astray but I am a born pessimist so who knows...maybe they plan ahead *cough*.

Also, Mr Martin himself has been busy blogging again after a period of nothing much (due to him travelling again). He writes that his A Dance with Dragons is receiving rave reviews from all the important places. I don't know, but I rather trust readers on, say, Amazon, than some idiot writing for a newspaper who's been told that these books are hot so give it a good review (this is how I feel about it, not necessarily the truth). And what do the people say? It's just not that good. Even with people trolling in numerous five-star reviews, the truth remains. The book is mediocre. But Martin? He puts on the blindfolds and that's it. Very promising for book six.

More importantly for any Ice and Fire fan is of course that he actually states that he's started The Winds of Winter, which is almost hard to believe considering all his other projects eating his time. But good for him. And hopefully good for us.


  1. Hey Slynt! :-)

    I think it's difficult for any author to really judge how good or bad one of his books is - and in Martin's case it gets even more difficult, because he spent so much time writing ADWD and probably will not accept the idea, that he spent six years writing a mediocre book. I know I couldn't.

    That being said: I don't think there is such a thing as the "truth" when it comes to the "quality" of art. And there's no such thing as being wrong when it comes to someones enjoyment of the books. (I'm really preachy here, I know...)

    As for me, personally, I liked most of the stuff that actually happened in ADWD. My main problems where with a) what didn't happen because the book ended without any finale or climax and b) the pacing of the Essos storylines.

    Does Martin being that happy with ADWD make me worry for TWOW? Not really. It will be a different book with different strenghts and weaknesses. But yes, even though I liked ADWD, I wish it had been on par with the series' best. As subjective an opionion as that is.

    Best wishes and keep blogging/re-reading,

  2. Hello there, and thanks for the reply and insight. I do agree that art is subjective, and that to some people "ADWD" may be a good product.