Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday night is all right for fighting

Ah, I love these Friday evenings. With the possible exception that they move so fast. Before I know it, my eyelids are drooping yadayada. But I've had grand plans of geekery. First, a couple of rounds with Magic Online to test out my latest build (lost three games in a row so yay and over and done with), then half an hour of Dungeons and Dragons Online which I downloaded for the umpteenth time yesterday night with the goal that this time I'd try and get into it because I have this urge to adventure, followed by a round of Legend of Grimrock because what do you know after a couple of weeks (three?) of being stumped on the fifth level of the dungeon I finally managed, by some insidious saving, to get past a particularly hard crab and just get on with it. And after that, I'm going to read a Robert E. Howard story, 'cause, looking through the books on my shelves I discovered I had a collection of Conan stories and being in the adventuring mood, Conan sounds quite right. Swords and sorcery and all that. Finally, if I'm still awake by then, I'll try to finish The Winds of Khalakovo as I'm at 98% and the story itself is clearly in a denouement, though I'm still asking myself why - I'll try and answer that in a short review soonish. And, as a matter of course, I'll end the evening with a couple of pages from Gardens of the Moon, I really ought to write a full post on that particular re-read because it such a great experience. Tomorrow I'll be delving into the first proper chapter of A Storm of Swords, and another geeky plan is to read a Lovecraft story (I read one last night, The Haunter of the Dark, actually to get inspired for this month's short story compo over at SFF World, the theme being fear) - as a proper geek I'm of course also somewhat infatuated with the Chthulhu mythos, though I'm not a fanboi the way I love Westeros, Malaz, Star Wars, LOTR etc.

All this must be done stealthily, so the lady of the house believes I'm watching TV with her.. ^^

Yeah. That was a useful post.
Good night!


  1. Hello Slynt. When is the re-read of CoK coming out? Can't wait!

  2. You know, I actually have no idea at the moment. Publisher's been having some problems that affected, well everything, and so far I haven't heard anything; I've gathered that everything's been postponed with a couple of months, so maybe mid/late summer ^^

  3. Awwww that sucks.... At least Your part is done and nobody can bust your balls about the Martin-like pace of this release. On my 4th re-read now with my first ADWD re-read starting soon. Not sure if I'm excited or dreading ADWD for the second time.