Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Devilry in the building

Finally I caved in. Yes, I bought Diablo III. I played the first one back when it was released, but got quickly tired of it I recall. The second one I had a look at, but suspected it would be more of the same. Well, that's what I thought of the third game as well, yet once installed last night it looked so good and ran so smoothly that I was carried away for a couple of hours there, perhaps a little longer than I should have allowed myself to stay up before today's sports day at work.
Everything within the game seemed designed to keep you chugging along, like Pac-Man following a trail of delectable dots, it's pixellated addiction, and I can be sure this game can/will/may cause some trouble in the foreseeable future, so to speak.
There's some sort of story in the game but it rushes by and you just go on slaughtering and looting like there's no tomorrow (which kind of suits the game's atmosphere) and it is not good, either, but this is a hackfest like no other. Currently playing a wizard named Eztemont, or some such, played him up to level seven before going to bed. Dammit. I don't have time for this. I'm not young anymore. But it's soo fun..
...but it's fun to read, as well, though it's much easier to put away a book after a chapter than Diablo III after dinging. Oh well. We'll see how this goes. Maybe I get tired of the grind like I did in the first one.

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