Thursday, June 14, 2012

Geek's week

What a week! And how fast those hectic weeks go. Mostly work and no play this week, but there have been flashes of geekery. I'm about 70% through Peter Brett's The Painted Man, I've fired up Everquest II (I used to subcribe aeons ago, now I'm content with the free to play edition, since I know I'll get tired of it sooner than later) and played a barbarian for twenty-three levels of experience (those levels come very quickly in this game). I don't know really what I think of Everquest II. It's a pastime. I played a lot last weekend because I had to stay horizontal. And when my back got better I haven't really played that much, it's not that addictive (fortunately). Guess you cold say EQ2 to other PC games of the fantasy genre is a bit like a Dungeons & Dragons licensed novel to a good gritty fantasy novel. It's fun, it's fantasy, but ultimately it's a bit trashy.
Haven't read in A Storm of Swords but hope to get a chapter read and blogged during the upcoming weekend. Mmm weekend.
Elsewise I've been occupied with the European Championships, seeing hope slip with the Netherlands' epic fails (losing against Denmark and Germany), and indulging in my passion for music, mostly. Been considering a rewatching of GoT Season Two but have decided to wait longer to make the second viewing more interesting.
Oh, one more geeky thing. I love maps and I have Campaign Cartographer 3 so I've been playing around with that, but not much. And still writing on a short story, as I mentioned last time I was getting up early in the morning and it worked for two days. Yesterday and today I just couldn't get myself out of bed, so tired from the lack of sleep. Which is a shame. Oh well, will try and be up and about a little early tomorrow. Then it's time to go to work, and then it's time to go buy some beer for the annual summer party with my colleagues. Slynt is going to be very silly tomorrow night. And social. Who would've thought?
Unfortunately I have to live with Bon Jovi's "Livin' on a Prayer" being the most brutal music at the party. Maybe I should bring my mp3 player full of extreme metal. Now that would be social.

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