Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday Evening Void

It's kind of weird that there's no new episode of Game of Thrones going on. There's a fifty minute void now, a Sunday evening entropy if you will.

It's Monday over here already, though. Actually, it's fricking early in the morning. It's so early the birds haven't begun their ceaseless chirping outside yet. Lady Slynt and Minislynt are sound asleep. So what am I doing up at such an ungodly hour, aside from being ungodly? Well, as I may have mentioned before, I'm trying to write a little, short stories and a novel and the like. But I never seem to find the time, or when I do find it, I am usually interrupted. So I talked to a colleague of mine who also happens to have a slew of books published, and he said the trick was to get up early. When everybody else is asleep, you can write for a couple of hours before going to work. I've seen this tip before in writer's guides and such, of course, it's nothing new, but hearing it from an actual author was different. So here I am, not writing. Well, I'm writing this, of course. I'm looking out the window of the new home office (a very small home office and to be honest only about 1/3 of the room is devoted to being officey) and wondering why the bleeding ruccula I'm not sleeping. I'll probably fall asleep during my lessons later today.

Oh well, I'm going to give it a try, see if I can get my brain to wake up. Just the body kind of doesn't work. There's the SFF World bi-monthly short story competition I wanted to be a part of. This time the topic is 'fear' and I have the bones of a story, it just needs some good old flesh. And skin and nails and hair. This is the time, now I can write unhindered for at least two more hours (dammit I've already spent the first hour procrastinating on the Internet; is this how GRRM feels when he is in the middle of a Meereen chapter?).

Meanwhile, Is Winter Coming? has had a small facelift (if nothing seems changed, you're probably a member already and need to go to your user control panel and change the theme). We have a simpler logo which more accurately reflects the site's content; the old ravens and picture of the very last page of A Feast for Crows was a bit heavy and serious. Now there's just a troll face grinning behind the "?" which is more like it, I guess. Not that we're trolls (from our own perspective) but we're just having a bit of fun while being online and talking about Martin and his books.

Sigh, I better get started on that short story.

You know what, it worked. Once I managed to scrounge up my notes for the story, opened a blank document file, and, you know, just got going, smoothness ensued. 1, 258 words. Perhaps not much in one and a half hour, but I feel they were good words and now I just want to sit here and continue as I got to an interesting point in the tale, but it's half past six and I need to take a shower before the rest wake up so I'm ready for the kiropractor and then work. But damn, it worked. Totally in the story, focusing and doing a little research at the same time on a few topics related to the story, and getting things down. If I can do this every morning at this rate (which included, as mentioned, a half baked hour of not much) I'll have 8,806 words in a week. I guess that's about how many words this story needs at the moment. 

Off to the shower. Charge!
Oh, and I'll be reading the next chapter in A Storm of Swords this week, too.

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