Thursday, July 26, 2012

Another toast to the Man

SO, what's holding up my next A Storm of Swords post? Well, most of the blame goes to the fact that summer finally came for a quick few days, leading to all manner of conventional lifestyling, like BBQ-parties and outdoor activities. Who would've thunk?
A little blame goes to SFFWorld, the fantasy/science fiction-forum which runs these internal short story and flash fiction competitions and I've kind of been writing a short story that I really like writing and revising, and which by no accident is sufficiently influenced by Steven Erikson, who I am unable to shut up about these days. 

The author has published a short but wonderful comment on his upcoming novel Forge of Darkness (to be published in five days) right here at TOR, which goes a long way in showing what kind of communication this author has with his fans (he wrote this while on summer holiday in Southern Europe, mind). I've previously mentioned how graciously he answers fan questions at TOR's re-read, and now Bill and Amanda have returned to start blogging the seventh volume of the Malazan Book of the Fallen, "Reaper's Gale" (which I found the weakest link in the ten-doorstoppers chain, but suspect it's rather awesome now that I have a firmer grasp on the setting). They've been at it for two years now, and still there are books eight - ten, more Esslemont novels, and of course the book that I am anxiously awaiting, the first in Erikson's new trilogy taking place aeons before his main series, and which the author notes may draw in some fans of more traditionally structured epic fantasy books. When TOR and Erikson also publish an excerpt of both the prelude and the first chapter of the book online, there can no longer be any doubt that Steven Erikson is the uncrowned king of fantasy. Well, in my mind. I am well aware how much of a love/hate- thing his prose is, heh. And some other authors who I have followed and revered are somewhat on the backburner, if you know what I mean. Well, Joe will soon hit me in the ass with Red Country. It's another good year for fantasy. There's even another Malazan novel scheduled for the fall (Ian C. Esslemont's Blood and Bone). 

It feels strange to sense how my dedication to all things Westerosi is quietly transforming into an appreciation of other authors. Not too long ago I claimed that nothing could give me the same fix as A Game of Thrones, A Clash of Kings and A Storm of Swords. Maybe I'm finally growing up. After all, I'm closer to forty than thirty. 


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