Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I'm on a holiday again, but this time I brought a computer and am staying at a place with le Internet capabilities. I don't know, I believe I relax more without the net when I'm off, but at the same time it is pretty nice to have the net available. 

MtGO's new log-in screen. Is Sorin Markov an Anomander Rake wanna-be?
This week, Wizards of the Coast made public their latest beta version of the immiment new client for their Magic: The Gathering Online game to which I've been somewhat on-and-off hopelessly addicted over the last couple of years. Well, addicted is too strong a word - but I do put in a game now and then, and occasionally pay (through the nose) to participate in a so-called booster draft, which is the most enjoyable part of the game. I played in a tournament draft last night and came out pretty good, winning three (digital) booster packs. It's fun, at least in small doses. Haven't played anything else, really. I kind of lost interest in Diablo III after reaching level 10 (guess that's better than the sad alternative), I want to play Crusader Kings II but it's too time-consuming, and Skyrim? I want to play that too (still at level 20) and I like it and everything but somehow it's not pulling at me the way Legend of Grimrock, for example, did; I simply had to finish that game (but then, I knew, it had a fixed end not too far in the future; guess this means I should look for shorter games, but they are quite rare in the RPG genre).

The new and much better looking interface has me a little extra addicted these days, though, but I am trying to keep myself occupied with reading great books and fiddling a bit with my own writing. I am really enjoying Patrick Rothfuss' The Wise Man's Fear, though there's something strange with that book - it is very easy to put away, or to not read in it for a while; yet it isn't boring or uninteresting. Once I'm "in" the book, I am enjoying it a lot, more than The Name of the Wind; mainly the humor is top notch, in my opinion, although of a far more innocent kind than, say, Joe Abercrombie's. Rothfuss has some fun ideas in this book, particularly the scenes where Kvothe loses his social competence due to an insidious type of poison, and like the first book in the series, it reads like a more mature Harry Potter. Kind of. No, not really. But you know what I mean. 
At the same time I'm almost halfway through Peter V. Brett's The Desert Spear, also a second book in a series, and that one is also entertaining for its world-building, in this installment based heavily on Middle-eastern cultures, and it feels like an almost entirely different book from The Painted Man, although threads are beginning to come together. Third, I'm (still) re-reading Gardens of the Moon, just a page here and a page there in between everything else, but it remains a much more enjoyable experience the second time around. And fourth and finally, I've got this tome called A Storm of Swords begging me to read it a tenth time. I've decided to tackle a new chapter later today or tomorrow; for now, we have the first day of sun in two weeks in this miserably cold land, and so I'll be (hopefully) outside more than inside. The only problem with being outside is that means being offline :-P

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