Saturday, July 14, 2012


Lots of casting news regarding HBO's Game of Thrones' third season, but honestly I am a bit tired of the buzz around the TV show, and none of the actors really made me go whoaaaaa (nor did anyone make me go boo and hiss, for that matter). Fun to see a Norwegian cast in the role of Tormund Giantsbane, very suitable as 'Tormund' is all but a Scandinavian/Norwegian name, but still, I am barely able to utter a "meh". I am definitely no longer among the hardcore Ice and Fire fans who gobble up anything related to the series with the zeal of a Catholic priest visiting the boy scouts, but I damn sure would like some news on Martin's progress with The Winds of Winter, being the sixth book of the A Song of Ice and Fire-saga, as you may recall. It's already been a year (and two days) since A Dance with Dragons was published (oh, I remember the book being photographed and put online so we could get an early start, and I think I know who did that mischievous deed as well - no, it wasn't me), and what has he revealed so far?
That he wrote a few chapters for book five that were pushed back, and in one sentence in a post not so long ago, he mentioned that he was working on it (after mentioning twenty other things he was busy with). However, the increased pressure on the author notwithstanding, mr. Martin deigns it useful to go on a holiday to Spain, or spend time promoting yet another computer game based on his intellectual property (note that the company producing the game is called a 'global leader' in online video games, which is an outright lie; and do also note how Martin doesn't allow comments, seeing that previous posts about previous Ice and Fire video games have contained some mild criticism of said games - no one dares offend the great Jabba telling him outright just how stunningly bad those games are; or people do, but the comments aren't allowed).

It's the same old complaint, stretching back to before the release of A Feast for Crows. I know. It's the "entitlement issue". It's the demand for Martin to do nothing else but write his series. I should read something else. You know, I do. And in the process I've discovered some wonderful authors who keep a very good tone with their readers, authors who have no qualms about sharing some of their secrets with their fans, and indeed even a few who manage to be nearly as good as the first three Ice and Fire-novels. 

Martin complains about the emails he receives, and how he has only two days to answer them before he has to go off to a con before going to Spain. If he can do this, after all the adulation and praise and fame he's received the last year, I feel it's even more important to stay level-headed and see through the veneer, and continue to complain. I wouldn't complain if there was nothing to complain about, would I?


  1. Your chapter analyses is great. You point out what is good and what is not so good. For booth you come up with arguments, not just opinions and you write them well.

    However you seem to loose all those qualities when you start writing about Martin. No arguments only opinions, badly written and sometimes you are telling stories that makes me wonder if you have lost all contact with reality.
    For instance how you seem to be personaly offended by Martin's lack of progress. Unless you have a written promise from him to deliver the books this seems ridicilous. He writes slow and is very quick under stress. Too bad, deal with it.

  2. Thank you for your kind comments first, and thank you for pointing out my fallacy :) I agree it was a weak rant. That's why it was a "kwik-e". New chapter post coming up soon ;)