Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Too late, too late

So here I am, supposed to have gone to bed a while ago, but stuck in the final game of a Magic Online tournament. Yeah, I'm in the finals, I'm beginning to learn this whole drafting thing. It's very exciting, actually. Well, for a pixellated version of a card game about wizards and dragons and undead, I mean. In a draft like this, I am biting nails as I wonder whether I have put together a good enough deck, and what hideousness my opponents will throw at me. Well, to my own surprise I've been able to hold my own up until this point. Only two players have six points which means I'm facing the most difficult match at the moment. And it's not going well, I must admit. He's got 17 points of life left, and I'm down at 7. I'm not drawing any of the Vampires I need to get my deck going (there is this game mechanic that allows them to grow stronger as they "feed" on my opponent, and without them I'm helpless). Oh well, I am quite comfortable with a second place in this tournament. There will be a few boosters in the prize.

And round 1 is over. I lose.

I must win round 2, which will open a third round to determine the winner, if not I'm toast. Silver toast.

...But I must sleep...
the pains we go through as geeks... :P

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