Friday, September 7, 2012

I have fallen in love with a monkey

Being a rabid devourer of music, I've always used WinAmp to listen to music from my external hard drives. I even purchased a license to unlock the 'pro' features. I keep one copy of my digital music collection at home and one at work, but since I lost both my computers this summer and have to use my work computer until I've saved enough money for the beastly machine I desire, I've had to install a second media player so I don't confuse WinAmp with two different drives having the same files (drive letters...when are they going to become a thing of the past I wonder?). So I went with Songbird at work, but after about a year of using it I finally gave up today. There is much to like about it, but many features are bugged, it strains the CPU, and I've had a lot of back-and-forth with the software, so today I decided it was time to check out something else. I went for MediaMonkey as it was ok with installing at work, and after some fiddling around to find the correct version of a lastfm.scrobbler (I'm addicted, I can't help it...must...scrobble), and lo! and behold.
Mediamonkey takes the best from a variety of media players and mashes it up to be perhaps the best media player software. Intuitive, with a lot of bells and whistles and options, I mean, it has all the stuff already onboard, the only thing I needed to add was the scrobbler. I can change between a number of views, it mostly imports the correct tags, oh my, it's lovely. It has WinAmp's functionality and ease of use, it has display options making it look and function like any other media player out there, it has the panes of Songbird, the tag editing functionality is the best, so it seems I must needs send some money to unlock the 'gold' edition for this player as well. All the customization a music nerd like myself needs, all under one hood. I hope it delivers on the promise it has seduced me with this fine September day.

Okay so this post was totally not about fantasy but I reckon it was geeky in its own way. Life is so much better when accompanied by music. And now to prepare for a lesson of 18th century literature while secretly wishing I could do a lesson on the subtleties of Tyrion Lannister.

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