Tuesday, September 4, 2012

More words, less wind

Geek that I am, I have been writing stories over at SFFWorld's writing forums again. I've put them both up on my Words are Wind blog, so feel free to have a read if you are so inclined. 
'Enemy of the Triumvirate' is the story of the First Hunter, sort of like an anti-sorcery Pope, and 'The Malingerer' is a longer (about 7,000 words) story based on the topic 'insanity'. 
Now I'm already jotting down ideas for the September-October short story competition, where the theme is 'Skeletons in the Closet'. I've got the basics down - that is, a basic idea and premise, basing it on an RPG setting I homebrewed back in the day, and have decided on six crucial scenes to get the story across. Why am I doing this? Because it's fun. 
Where 'The Malingerer' was, perhaps obviously I wouldn't know, somewhat influenced by Steven Erikson's cryptic style, I am planning to go a bit Joe Abercrombie on my next story, with some dark humor and some hopefully entertaining dialogue. Really, it is fun. Experimenting with words to get a story across is also a very good way of finding even more appreciation for the work laid down in, say, A Storm of Swords. Writing does take an appallingly long time (especially when you have to juggle it with a hundred other hobbies, work etc.)

Do note there's an extract of Joe's next novel, Red Country, right here!!!!1 Can't go wrong with this author, he's no longer up-and-coming, he's in the building and he's belittling everyone else. 

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