Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hopelessly lost

It's like the One Ring. Dangerous.
Bah, this whole week I've got nothing done. I want to blame Blizzard Entertainment, but I know it is my own fault.
I've slain a great number of cartoon foes, but it's fortunately already wearing off. Kind of fun to experience the Cataclysm expansion's zones, since I bought the set on release and never got that far before getting tired of the game. So now I've finished all the quests in the Mount Hyjal zone, and been sent to another zone, and the urge to continue is diminishing. Hit buttons, repeat hit buttons. Hit another button. Even did a dungeon run, with everyone silent and rushing through the content.
Looking forward to pulling the plug on this crazy crack and immerse myself in secondary worlds in healthier ways, like reading another chapter of A Storm of Swords.

I did watch episode 9 of the first Game of Thrones season the other day, though. I like that episode so much.

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