Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Geek Update

Been a couple of geeky days, which is always lovely.
I have returned to an old fantasy game, Neverwinter Nights (yes, the original), which I never really truly played - it's mostly been yet another gatherer of dust - used to have games stacked along shelves but these days as a family man my games have been relegated to a dark corner in the attic. At least I have an attic. Anyway, the game, though graphically repugnant, surprised me with its depth and I've had some fun with it (although I'll probably get tired of it any time soon as I am wont to do with computer rpgs, a few titles excepted). 
Another great happenstance was that I received Ian C. Esslemont's Blood & Bone yesterday. It's a hefty nice hardcover and it will hopefully be fun to once again enter the Malazan universe. However I decided I wasn't going to read it until I finished The Wise Man's Fear which ended up with me staying up too late last night and actually finishing Rothfuss' second novel. Such a fat tome, the goal of finishing it always felt so distant and suddenly it was over. And not with a bang, either. Not really. I feel the weakest part of the book is the last quarter, it kind of dwindled a bit didn't it? Still, lots of great stuff in here but I can't help but feel, for all of Rothfuss' qualities, that the book could have been trimmed a couple of hundred pages.
This also forced Brandon Sanderson's The Way of Kings back up on the reading pile. Gods I've been reading it for so long, maybe I'll just give that one up. It's so ponderous. 
Also, I've got a couple of titles going on my Kindle app on my smartphone; let's see, I've got Darth Plagueis (yes, the news of Episode VII is to blame) which is, quite frankly, a very dry and uninviting reading experience but it's about Palpatine's formative years so to speak so I am curious more than entertained, I actually tried a Dungeons & Dragons-licensed novel, Pool of Radiance just for fun but I am afraid it will affect my writings skills (if any) so I'm worried about continuing it. 
Speaking of writing, I kind of regret abandoning NaNoWriMo but at the same time it freed up some precious time for geekery, which is about an hour a day these days. I did enter a new flash fiction piece over at SFFWorld, though, entirely free of daggers +1 or she memorized a Burning Hands spell but full of deep thoughts about stuff. Or so I claim.

And The Winds of Winter remains elusive...

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