Wednesday, November 28, 2012

In the hobbit of getting hyped

Haven't really been paying attention to the production of THE HOBBIT.
Didn't really cross my mind that it could be a good movie, but now I've been going through
these production diaries, followed news of the world premiere event in New Zealand,
and watched the clip where Gandalf bestows Orcrist to Bilbo, and all of a sudden

Remembering how hard it felt to wait for The Two Towers, it's kind of refreshing to realize the film is but a few weeks away. No time for worries or expectations, just throw on a hat, find a walking stick and out the door we go to the cinema.

Also, ever since I first saw The Fellowship of the Ring (time flies...feels like it was half a year ago I first welled up when the kids went "Gandaalf!" as he rode into Hobbiton - yes, I do have certain emotions regarding Tolkien's novel) the series has given me an extra pinch of holiday feeling, all cozy and geeky. This Yule I plan to watch the saga again, be annoyed all over again at some of the choices they made in adapting the book and enjoying the rest.

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