Monday, November 26, 2012


Just a quick recommendation. Steven Erikson has published, over at TOR, a preview of a little science fictiony story he has been tinkering with. As a thank you to his fans. He just keeps on giving. Even if you don't think highly of his Malazan books (which you should :p) I think you'll agree Willful Child is a very funny bit of text. Some fantastic lines in there. Captain Hadrian reminds me a bit of both Sergeant Hellian and Iskaral Pust from the Malazan sequence; their space versions if you will. The piece shows Erikson's droll humor quite well.

Willful Child

The other great author of fantasy literature, meanwhile, as his thanks (I am assuming they are being thankful because of Thanksgiving Day which apparently is a pretty important day over the ocean, where, according to this blog's statistics there's a mighty big chance you are from) - where was I? Oh, yeah, Mr. Martin also has thanksgivings to distribute, in this case pls buy my surplus books mkay?

This comparison may be unfair. One guy is productive as hell and his Malazan works a much smaller franchise (it's not even a franchise, really - there is the books and the rest is fan-made art; no comic books or computer games or busts for the Malazan Empire), the other has way too much on his plate. But I am sure readers of Ice and Fire would have appreciated, for Thanksgiving, an update on The Winds of Winter, a new sample chapter, or anything but being asked to buy...stuff. Stuff voyaging. Ka-ching.

I'll throw in my own thanks to you for reading my blog :)

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  1. It's pretty obvious from this comparison that one is an author who truly loves writing while the other is content living off the piles of money people continue to throw at him based off of work he did over a decade ago while pursuing his true dream of being an online marketer and antique book salesman.