Thursday, November 15, 2012

Writing for the XP

Half of November has evaporated already. Most of my time has been geared toward three things: Family (including renovations), work, and what little time I've had left I've spent trying out this crazy "NaNoWriMo" thing. In the beginning I was amazed at how fast I could write a story when I didn't stop to ponder each and every sentence, but as the days have come and gone I found it impossible to keep up the pace. I'm now at 16,767 words, which isn't too bad really, considering everything else going on, with a story I just came up with on November the first. I basically did a Martin - went into medieval history and found an interesting period with some interesting political instability and went from there, spicing it up with some fantastical elements. Afraid of losing interest / momentum, I've jumped between characters and been able to get down those sixteen thousand words, and it's funny to see how the story is starting to go its own way, not much resembling the outline I planned on the first day. So, its both hard work and fun, but the experience itself is what I'm really after, since I have never done this before.

Hence the quietude on the blog these days :-)

Oh, and I was kind of pleasantly surprised to realize The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is but a mere two weeks away. I'm betting a donkey it's not going to be as awesome as The Lord of the Rings, what with the law of diminishing returns and all, but still. Gives me a warm cozy Christmassy feeling to know there will be time spent with Hobbits soon.

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