Monday, December 17, 2012

A little more venting.

Today they are giving us some information about the insane murderer. In Norwegian newspapers we learn that the boy/young man/lunatic played role-playing games, computer games and was "a deviant in black clothes".
So far, that description fits me like a glove. So why does the media always and ever go into these details? I just don't understand it. It makes me so angry. The media.
Here we have a deeply traumatizing tragedy of the worst proportions, and within days the media finds it necessary to inform us that this person played role-playing games and dressed in black.
Will this lead to eighties-style persecution of Dungeons & Dragons-players? Will some heavy metal artist be blamed for the murders? Sigh. Sometimes it feels as if I am living in an alternate dimension where everything is fricking stupid.

I hate it when this happens (and it does a lot) - last year's mass murderer Anders Breivik (the 22th July shooting in Norway) was repeatedly portrayed in the media as a World of Warcraft-gamer. To what purpose, I don't know. There are at least ten million Warcraft-nerds who didn't go berserk, though. 
And only the finest people wear black.


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