Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Cold hands

Winter is coming, some say, and is winter coming? some ask but I'll tell you it's pretty frigid cold in the north these days. Winter is simply here (but no winds). We've had a couple of days now with minus 21 celsius (that is, according to an online converter, something like -5,8000 Fahrenheit which doesn't sound that bad really), and that's cold. It's so cold I wish Martin and other fantasy authors dropped by to really feel it. They would perhaps reconsider some of the actions their characters undertake in the icy parts of their settings ^^

When it's as cold as it is now, most days are spent inside, giving rise to geekery, obviously. My latest infatuation is with the 'Aurora toolset', software that allows you to build your own adventure modules for the Neverwinter Nights game. Don't know why or how I happened to get into that. I did buy the game upon its release back in 2002 but never really played it. Seems that was a mistake; making adventures is quite interesting (although the scripting is difficult for a half-geek) and the main game itself is also not too bad an experience. It scratches the fantasy itch, at any rate. 

I am aware there are player-built modules based on A Song of Ice and Fire but haven't tried them out yet (I did download and try the Game of Thrones-module for the excellent strategy game Crusader Kings II, however, the mod being infinitely better than both official computer games based on the franchise, Genesis and Game of Thrones). 
Currently I am trying to adapt a Dungeons & Dragons module, Barrow of the Forgotten King, which I see as a way of learning the tricks of the software by doing. And learning by doing is good. If I still have the zeal later on (which I probably don't have as I'm a fantasy slut and jump all over the place in my pursuit of the fantasy fix) I am going to try to adapt Green Ronin's A Song of Ice and Fire adventure, Perils of King's Landing. Maybe. If I do and finish it I'll publish it online for people to try, of course. 

Nah, I'm probably fed up by then. Always so excited about something and then the next thing comes along. Frustrating, really. And now we're a week away from The Hobbit. If I know myself somewhat well it will most likely trigger an urge to either play The One Ring, re-read The Lord of the Rings, or at the very least go online to bitch about how stupid the dwarves look.

...or maybe pick up A Storm of Swords for another chapter of re-readingness. What a book. 

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