Monday, December 24, 2012

Detestation of Yuletide

Seriously I'm not going on more rants for a while but I have to tell you that for all it's supposed goody goodyness I detest whatever you call that tradition which began with the Scandinavian god of fertility, Yule, and is also related to the Wiccan tradition of wreaths, the druidic tradition of mistletoe, the veneration of the god Saturn, Thor, Odin, St. Nicholas, Sleipnir, Mithras and finally Jesus Christ; call it what you will, yuletide, christmas, a happy holiday, winter is a feast of gluttony with a message buried beneath heaps of presents, and it suffocates me with its traditional sweet songs, endless reruns of mind-numbing television programs, its religious icons and silly gnomes and santas. 
But the children love it, and everybody around me is deeply mired in the stranglehold of its capitalistic ideals, and so I endure it - in a brooding silence, happy for the days off work this holiday provides, opening up time guessed it, geekery! So there's some good to be taken with the bad.

This year, to ensure I will have something to geek out on come the aforementioned exchanging of gifts, I have  bought a The Hobbit Gandalf action figure and wrapped it in paper and put under the tree, as well as a copy of the recently published Star Wars: Edge of the Empire - Beginner's Game from Fantasy Flight Games (which I am currently considering ripping open right now to have something to read; I've been hit by the flu and while the rest of the family is either preparing the traditional dinner or are outside playing in the tons of snow that have dropped from the sky over the last week, I'm stuck on the couch - fortunately, with my copy of Esslemont's Blood and Bone and my laptop). 

So no matter the amount of socks or gift cards are waiting for me beneath that silly decorated tree, I know there will be some geekery to enjoy the evening for me as well. I also noticed there's a sale on Guild Wars 2...dammit, I've been able to keep away from it so long, but it keeps calling to me...will I be able to resist the urge? Only time will tell. So in a way I am going against my own argument by buying into the trap of buying stuff, but I am kind of limiting myself to a few cheap items - while I see small kids receiving iPads and consoles and expensive stuff that could feed...ah, you know what I mean. Enough..

I hope you enjoy this time of the year more than I do, and with that I wish you a whatever holiday.

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