Thursday, December 6, 2012

Geek rhymes with

Yeah, see? I knew it was going to happen. Settled down in the couch last night to learn a little bit more about scripting dialogue and events in Neverwinter Nights, and after a little while I was done with it. I just turned the computer off and was satisfied with my brief stint into trying out the toolset. I'm like a horde of locusts. And now to devour the next geeky thing, consume and ravage until done, and move on. The next big thing will be The Hobbit I presume; there are six new clips available and I must admit I was entertained, not in a oh glorious Tolkien, lord of linguistics and love for nature, thy word is poetry way but still. Seems like solid entertainment for what it is. There's also a twenty minute long behind-the-scenes thing with some interesting footage. Another geeky thing to look forward to is Project Eternity. Don't know what it is but have fond memories of Baldur's Gate and Planescape:Torment? Check it out!

My reading has slowed down this week due to me fiddling with Neverwinter Nights and having a lot to do at work; I'm about 120 pages into Esslemont's latest Malazan Empire offering, Blood and Bone and it is rather interesting so far, with some interesting new and old characters, new sites, mysteries and crazy magic going crazy. The Darth Plagueis novel which I started in my excitement over the news of new Star Wars films has pretty much stalled, due to the text being so utterly dry and boring - it's like the author took one of those Ghostbusters-suck-guns and sucked all the magic and fantasy out of the space fantasy and we're left with, eh, space. A space full of tangled boring sentences with the emotional punch of a piece of toilet paper. Or something like that. Let me give you an example of dialogue found within this tome of Sith lore, which rivals even the prequel movies in being stilted and not really how a character should sound:
Veruna laughed shortly.
"Would that it were as simple as that. The problem is that Kim knows about our separate arrangements, and intends to use this opportunity to send a message to the Trade Federation - as well as to Tapalo's detractors - that Naboo will no longer allow itself to be exploited." He inhaled deeply (no wonder!) "Recalling him from Coruscant would be tantamount to admitting that Naboo remains at the mercy of the Trade Federation, and might jeopardize our standing with many of the trade worlds on whom we have come to depend."
Okay, this is a politican talking but come on. Sometimes I like to pretend this book is called Darth Exposition.
Anyway, I said in an earlier post I would most likely finish this one but now I'm not so sure anymore.

And what about the realm of A Song of Ice and Fire, the very saga that shat this blog out onto the Internet (like so many other blogs and sites)? Any news to be had here? Well, let's head on over to mr. Martin's blog, unique in its decades-old design and bold in its totalitarian approach.

There's an app for people in the United States (but not for Android users). An official Ice & Fire app, for about 50% of the fans. I'm filing it away under 'not that interesting'. 
A post about Season Three of the TV show complete with embedded video. Impressive! Not that assistant Ty can add videos to the site, but that the site actually doesn't break down due to the implementation of such advanced technology. Ah, I am but a bitter man trying to bash George over the design of his website. It's not fair of me, really I see that. 

Mmm, not much interesting news over there, then. All is as it has been since 1999 or thereabouts. Say one thing about Martin, say he goes against the stream. In our rapidly developing society with continuous advances in science (good old proven-to-work science! I love thee) Martin slows everything down to a crawl. So against the stream we must go, something I usually do this time of the year as everyone gets into that hypocritical christmas/holiday/whatever-spirit and I'm like, MAGOO!

Official Ice & Fire app...I scoff. 

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