Friday, December 21, 2012

Happy doomsday

I kind of expected more panic and wild uncontrollable masses flooding the news media today, but hey, there are still a few hours left. Maybe people are tired of doomsday predictions, there's more than enough of them for everyone.
Now as I mentioned earlier I used to be in the camp that thought something would happen, if not an apocalyptic mass destruction, but looking out the window I see snowflakes whirling serenely down and if there was an asteroid or whatever on its way we'd probably have heard it by now from any person with a telescope. 
There are so many suggestions for what can happen, if there are enough suggestions maybe one of them does happen - only, most of the suggestions are really really far out there; there are those who believe we'll be visited by aliens today (which would be totally interesting), some believe we'll see Jesus Christ return to Earth (these two could easily combine into one really); earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes and so and so forth; no weather reports indicate any of these, by the way. Of course, surprise tsunamis are known to happen, but if one shows itself today, I am inclined to think pure coincidence, which most of the universe consists of anyway.

Anyway. I felt like doing a post on this day. I've "known" about the date - the Mayan calendar's 13th bak'tun ending, that is - for decades so even though it's likely going to be your average Friday it kind of feels like a special day anyway. Also, yuletide is almost upon us, and like always I sincerely hope for something geeky under the tree, though I know I will end up with socks, boxer shorts, maybe a deodorant and a sweater I'll never wear (because it is probably white and I am dangerous deviant wearing black exclusively). It's hard to wish for geeky stuff 'cause no one in my family have the slightest idea what I'm into beyond knowing I read wacky books (and write about them, too). It's so much easier to buy this stuff myself. Living in the cold harsh North of Europe, getting cool geekstuff means going online to order, and this is another hurdle for others.

I'd probably wish for a new boardgame of the fantasy type, or some cool miniatures I could use for RPGs, or a copy of Star Wars The Roleplaying Game: Second Edition from ebay because I lost mine; or how about a bunch of underground extreme metal CDs not available beyond the Internet's specialized shops? In my hometown the most obscure thing you can buy is a shop that sells magazines from the UK. Yay. So that's why I am now going to visit a few of my favorite webshops - Noble Knight for out-of-print board- and roleplaying games, Hell's Headbangers for evil music, ebay for whatever, etc. and see if I can buy myself a nice geeky present. 

Twenty years ago or so I got a great geek gift - my first own copy of The Lord of the Rings. Was a great night. Family was enjoying themselves, and I was hiding in a corner losing myself in Tolkien's magnificently realized Middle-earth. It's one of the few presents I remember lovingly (aside from all the Star Wars toys I got as a kid); but this year I haven't asked for anything geeky, and now I regret it. So here we go...

...and should the world still exist beyond the next couple of hours I am going to do a new A Storm of Swords post because, wow, it's been a while and stuff.

Happy holidays. May it bring you something otherworldly wrapped in gift paper.

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