Thursday, December 27, 2012

Hey, it *is* a great game...[poof] aarrffff booo

Man, what a crappy week so far. Was looking forward to enjoy the celebrations and find time for geekery, but I've been down and out up until now. A couple of hours ago I finally began to regain some strength and appetite, and with that obviously the third vital element of Maslow's hierarchy of needs, geekery. First I played a couple of Magic Online-games. It's such an easy game to dip in and out of, and can be played while prone. I purchased (too many) booster packs of the latest set, Return to Ravnica, built a deck based on the new 'populate'-keyword, and to my surprise managed to win a couple of games with it. Then I decided I needed something more meaty. Now Steam's store has a lot of games sales during the holidays so I went there and decided to purchase Mass Effect, which I reckon is one of the few computer roleplaying games I haven't given a whirl. In addition to this first title the sales bundle also included Mass Effect 2: Digital Deluxe Edition, so what the hell. After the download it was time to get into this story. I was quite curious, knowing almost nothing about the game - only thing I've registered is that you play a main character named Shepard. Well, wow! I was thrown right into the story, and for an hour or so I was completely immersed. Great experience, and now I'm scratching my head wondering just how I've been avoiding this game for so long. Unfortunately after 55 minutes the game crashed hard. Reboot and retry and crash. Checking out support forums. Oh. My laptop isn't supposed to be running this game. But it ran so smooth, no graphic glitches, no audio problems, nothing! Buhuu. What a crappy christmas. 

It's time to invest in a new powerful stationary PC, no doubt. Running games on my job's laptop does limit my options with regards to games, graphics and lag and all that. On the other hand, PCs are expensive and should I end up with a monster (my previous monster having slowly died over the last couple of years and not really deserving the title 'monster' since, oh, 2003 or thereabouts) I have a suspicion it could threaten the balance of House Slynt (again). But dammit I want to continue Shepard's investigation of Eden Prime! Oh well. Kind of weird that the positively ancient Mass Effect (2008!!) doesn't want to run while Skyrim does. ME did run better, though, before crashing. Maybe I will have to dig deeper into trying to fix this problem. 

Sitting upright and writing all these words make me realize I'm on my way to getting better, and that's good. Maybe I'll even find the strength to read or listen to music. Seriously I've been a fricking wreck this christmas. It has been unprecious to me.

And now enough with the complaining and the poopoo, I wish you a happy new year and may 2013 bring some much needed enlightenment to many.

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