Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Revenge of the Holidays

That's what I get for bad-mouthing yuletide. Now I've come down with the flu. Nothing to be done for it but checking out some fantasy as I lie half comatose on the couch. Today's tryouts include Dungeons & Dragons Online (oh, I've tried it before but once again I have that RPG-itch) and a few other PCRPGs. I tried reading through that Edge of the Empire box I gave myself last night but I'm too, ah, flued, to be bothered. Brain not working much well.

Now I don't really know why I haven't played D&DO more, it wasn't that bad once I got used to the frankly irritating equipment/inventory (small icons and not very intuitive); it runs very smoothly on this laptop (but oh how I miss my old dead XPS), and it scratched that dungeon crawling itch. I completed a dungeon, went into the second one but fell to a spider of some sort near the end of it. 

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