Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013 confirmed

...and a happy new year to you!

So last year didn't end with a cataclysmic bang after all, and here we are, three days into 2013 which I am hoping will be a massive year for geekdom. 

Our very own American Tolkien concludes that 2012 was an amazing, if exhausting, year. Then he introduces us to two new miniature figures, Margaery Tyrell and Strong Belwas, the two first Ice & Fire franchise items of the year. And all fans of tiny unpainted figures rejoice. Martin, in the same post, alludes to a lot more cool stuff coming this year, so let's hope it's action figures (it speaks volumes though, that I am not suggesting The Winds of Winter as 'cool stuff'). Anyway, here's our first chance at throwing money Martin's way and we're only three days into the new year. 

But there is more! And this might just beat action figures in the best possible Ice & Fire merchandise - Game of Thrones beer. It's about as useful as, well, you know, nipples on a breastplate, of course. Beer can be bought anywhere, so the real deal here is paying for a tiny piece of printed paper glued to a bottle. I think I'll print out a picture of the Iron Throne and paste it to a Heineken bottle thank you very much. That's, however, two advertisements on the Not-a-Blog in the three first days of 2013. Yes, Mr. Martin, I know why you are hoping 2013 will be the best year of human history evar. Because you will continue to fill your coffers with gold, becoming the richest fantasy writer ever. Of course, there's the Game of Thrones series' third season slated for March as well, so yeah, even without that damned sixth book in the series, we'll have another year of Ice and Fire-related promotions and products, as if that will make us forget the long waits. 

And of course we'll get the second season on DVD/BluRay which is probably the second most exciting product to be released this year. If I'm not mistaken, we might see a fourth Dunk & Egg novella as well. And that about sums up what I am looking forward to related to Ice & Fire in 2013. 

Fortunately, there are other things coming this year to satisfy the fantasy fan. In the world of PC gaming, we'll be able to visit secondary worlds to our heart's content in titles such as Neverwinter, The Elder Scrolls Online, and a slew of indie RPGs. In literature, I'm hoping to see yet another Steven Erikson title, Fall of Light (the sequel to Forge of Darkness) though it may be 2014 before we get to read it, and beyond that I really have no clue about what's worth reading in fantasy this year, but then I haven't been paying attention lately. In movies, we get, of course, the second Hobbit movie and a lot of films close to the fantasy genre but perhaps not the full-on high fantasy joy that Tolkien brings to the table. 

I want gloomy medieval towns, fires roaring in the hearths of taverns, elves and dwarves and swords and quests (this is my current itch for playing old school tabletop RPGs talking). I want a great fantasy novel with the tropes of Tolkien. Not that I'm tired of grim and gritty, mind you, but it would be nice if there were more epics similar to Tolkien that were actually good. Ah well, back to A Storm of Swords I guess...

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