Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Locust of Nerdity

Oh, what is it about those secondary worlds? Sometimes I do not understand myself. Over the last weeks I have been going through my shelf of role playing game materials, reading through countless fictitious histories, geographies, governments etc. You see, now offers the game Neverwinter Nights 2, complete with its major expansion packs (Mask of the Betrayer and Storm of Zehir and Mysteries of Westgate). Though I did have a boxed copy of the game, I couldn't resist this offer. I never played through the game the first time I purchased it, but I've really been in a Forgotten Realms-mood after having started a new tabletop campaign (still just done one session though) and so I bought it, and settled well into it, and what do you know, I'm having fun. This in turn reinforced my reading lust, so when I was done going through my old boxed sets, modules and sourcebooks, I sought out the always-excellent Noble Knight Games to begin a new quest - to complete my collection of 2nd Edition (that's old school) Forgotten Realms RPG products. Not only this, I have also gone so far as to read novels set in this world, and they are not that good, especially when you are used to the works of Martin, Abercrombie, Rothfuss, Erikson et al, but, and this relates to the question of understanding myself, I have this trait let's call it 'obsessive' and when it hits, it hits hard. So while I think the Realms are full of silliness, I still really enjoy reading up on its lore, for the time being. And one day, who knows when, I'll tire of it and, like a locust of nerdity, I'll obsess over something else for a while.
That's how I began this blog. I was obsessing a great deal over A Song of Ice and Fire. I'm not that obsessed anymore. I watch season two as it is finally being shown on television, and I dip into A Storm of Swords about once a week. I suspect that once more news and spoilers begin to pump out of Disney/Lucasfilm I'll be obsessing over Star Wars Episode VII. It's a given. 
Well, since January 2010 my main obsession has been the world of Malaz, but right now there's nothing new, and maybe that's why the Realms re-entered my life. It's like I can't go without being really busy with one secondary world or the other. It's a strange, strange thing, really it is. When Erikson publishes Fall of Light I'll probably fall under the Malaz spell again. And who knows, maybe one day we'll be lucky to receive our copies of The Winds of Winter and it is time to redirect brain power toward Westeros and environs. How I hope it will be a return to form for Mr. Martin. How I hope...

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