Wednesday, January 30, 2013

More stories

I haven't updated my story section Words are Wind in a while, so I did this now. In Words are Wind I present short stories and flash fiction I've done over at SFFWorld's writing forum. Right now, I have a flash fiction in this month's competition, which is The Bishop who Prayed in the Wrong Direction. It currently has two votes. 

I have also added the stories I've written over the last couple of months: My Eyes are Open and I Am Immortal, Nightfall and Lights Rise (which won), Sleepy Dead, and A Company in Red which I think has a strong beginning. In Love and Carnage is a little vampire story that was a bit too confusing for the voters. I enjoyed writing it, though, and that's the most important part for me - having fun while making up fantasy stuff.

Currently I'm working on the January-February short story competition (so I still have a month). It's a curious tale where I try to blend environmental issues with sorcery, in a setting inspired by medieval Turkey / Arabia, trying to make it stand out. Most of my stories are based on a setting I began working on decades ago for my roleplaying games, kind of like how the Malaz world developed. It's fun to be a geek.


  1. Some good stuff here. Have you, or are you planning on, writing a "full lenth" novel?

  2. Why thank you, I am indeed trying, and have been trying for a few years, but I feel there's so much more to learn still :) It's a hobby, so it's always about finding time to do some creative writing, but it's heaps of fun.