Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Beginning of the end of ice and fire?

Big news then (conspicuously absent from the Not-a-Blog as of writing this tiny piece of rant). What does it all mean? Well, maybe not as much as fans over at the Game of Thrones fan-site Winter is Coming are suggesting. It's not the end of the world, but it might be the beginning of the end for A Song of Ice and Fire. Maybe.

Looking happy.
George has signed a two-year deal with HBO. Two years isn't that much, really. I've waited for books longer than that. Deadline calls it a "pact", which I find is a word with negative connotations, but that's hyperbole for you. So what did he actually sign a deal for? To "develop and produce new series projects for the network". 

That's the big news, which isn't really big news; it is rather the consequence of this deal that has people worried. Of course one has to wonder how this will affect The Winds of Winter. Not only do we not know anything more than that he's got 400 manuscript pages of that novel done - in rough form, and half of them written originally for A Dance with Dragons, so they don't really count - but we also know from his blog that he has a lot of other projects going on simultaneously. I'm almost glad to see that people over at Winter is Coming are generally more furious and frustrated than happy with the news. Personally I can't see what exactly about this news should make a fan of A Song of Ice and Fire happy. Are they happy because it might mean we'll get a Wild Cards TV series? My mind simply cannot comprehend such a suggestion. 

Which brings me to the point of this little rant. Is George R.R. Martin changing his strategies - and is he planning to leave the ending of his magnum opus to HBO? Because that's what people are fearing: No more novels - just loads of marginally related projects, and we'll have to wait for the TV series to actually finish the story. Seeing how little interest Martin has shown in his own saga over the last decade or so, it would actually not be surprising

Saddest thing is that not that long ago, he went on his blog and said he was going to say no to further deals. And here we are, with Martin signing a two-year deal in the middle of trying to get book six done. If I hadn't already been pacified by the numerous disappointments since, oh, 2005 or thereabouts, I'd feel properly betrayed by this. 

I foresee a new round of "He's not your bitch" / "Entitlement" issues coming out of this. But I do notice that the number of people claiming Martin is doing just fine, is reduced - more each day. I am curious to see what Martin himself will say on his blog. I have a feeling he's sweating over that post right now.

And yes I hope I am wrong and he's writing the living stool out of The Winds of Winter. Or at least jotting down on a post-it his thoughts on how HBO should finalize the story that started out oh so strong.


  1. Martin has a jabba mouth indeed. He ain't looking happy.

  2. Why do think the series being discussed was Wild Cards, of all things? Its movie rights were purchased in 2011 by SyFy Films. Making a series on top of that would be redundant and of rather iffy legality. No, what was probably being discussed were adaptations of the Dunk & Egg stories.