Saturday, March 2, 2013

Ascending the Throne

Behold...the lands of Slynthold. Also, the game's main screen.
Interrupting the regular schedule to make a note of the game Game of Thrones: Ascent, in which you play a noble in Westeros, dealing primarily with menu screens and long waiting times, but also I have to add a very correct mood and atmosphere; if it hadn't been yet another try-and-milk-you-out-of-money type of game, and was more involving as a game more than a somewhat-roleplay-ish menu observation program, I'd recommend it like freshly baked lemon cakes. I was heartily entertained by the various screens where I could decide on a fair number of actions, reminding me of Crusader Kings II, actually. I also like how the mechanics are split into three types of "combat": physical fighting (still just pressing a button, mind you, you're not actually controlling characters as they slug it out), trade, and intrigue, which reminds me of Fantasy Flight's A Game of Thrones: The Card Game (only the three main branches of conflict are battle, power and intrigue). There's lots of nice art, and I noticed that even though I mostly don't do anything while "playing" it, it kept me entertained for a solid while (a few hours, that is) before I began to itch for more story and gameplay. The mere fact that you can buy in-game coinage for real money makes this the type of game I abhor, but honestly Ascent still captures Martin's setting better than the two "real" games Game of Thrones and Game of Thrones: Genesis.

Ten minutes after I asked to become friends,
she wanted to marry me. How could I resist? 
Still, if you're on Facebook ('cause that's where the ascending is taking place), it's worth taking a look. For a few moments at least I felt like I was indeed the noble lord of House Slynt (surprise right there!), and that my actions would have repercussions all over the ganz land of Westeros. Until I saw the leaderboards, and realized just how low I am in the ranks. Speaking of those boards, I quickly scouted out a few fellow Lannister bannermen, and added them as 'Friends'. One of them just sent me a marriage proposal (with a crossbow as a gift, which I am not taking as an ill omen, oh no), so maybe once you get to know more real-life players the game opens up more.

I like the roleplay opportunities present, the music is descent (from the TV series if I'm not mistaken), but if you've played Facebook-games before you'll probably realize a lot of this stuff is old hat. You know, build stuff to build stuff which lets you build some other stuff that allows more stuff to be built if you build that stuff (all of which you can pay for with your real money). But now it is time to put the dang computer away and get to bed! And hopefully find time to finish that Tyrion-chapter tomorrow. No wild plans for tomorrow, so it should be doable. Today's six-hour drive through a snowstorm has made me very sleepy now..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Oh well, I joined an Alliance led by the wondrous lady I married. Not that I know what being in such an alliance entails but I'll have to figure that out some other timezzz..

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