Monday, March 18, 2013

Season III is coming as I ascend

An interesting article about the TV show versus the books over at Not superinteresting or anything, you know, but still. 

And another clip! This time it's the second full-blooded trailer and I'm pretty excited about it. I see some drastic changes to the book - Melisandre meeting Thoros of Myr stands out (if that really is Melisandre - the general consensus seems to be it is but I don't think it looks quite like Van Houten); I see material that as a reader I didn't learn before A Dance with Dragons; Stannis Baratheon looks different, I believe it's the makeup; Daario's lost his moustachios but looks the part anyway; Robb Stark is at Harrenhal;  and I also see a lot of promising goodness.  It really looks quite cinematic now, more so than the previous season trailers, so I have a feeling they've upped the ante and this season will blow a few minds. A few bits have me stumped but it's fun to speculate and wonder. The trailer does what it is supposed to do, though. It's getting people excited about the new season. Two more weeks. Don't you love it when there's Ice and Fire stuff popping up at regular intervals?

Why does Sansa look like an old woman in that shot anyway? I do love how people not familiar with the books probably believe she's marrying Joffrey here. Someone should film people's faces as they watch the show and put it online for the amusement of the hardcore crowd. There's bound to be a few WTFs as the story turns and twists so magnificently as it does. 

In other news, Facebook-game Game of Thrones: Ascent remains, mysteriously, something of a guilty pleasure for me. I have to log in every day to produce stone and iron and wood and whatnot, and I have to send my Sworn Swords on various quests and I have to check the leaderboard to see how far I've dropped behind since my last power surge. Like I said earlier there's almost no game to it, just clicking and reading messages and waiting for timers to cool down (at a glacial pace), but somehow it has kept me busy since it was released. I was quite powerful for a while too (and by that I mean I was among the top 800 players out of some 50,000) but I've lagged behind a bit so now I'm at 1800-something Power. And does it matter? Not at all (even if it is the only game that matters, said Littlefinger). It's fun to imagine being a somewhat cunning and somewhat cruel and sometimes just lord of the Westerlands. But there is not much immersion when your Sworn Sword goes to do the same mission for the twentieth time just for the XPs. Oh well. I better go upgrade my Watchtower. I need a Third Story to be able to produce an Assassin. They boost a character with some points. Isn't it cool?

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