Monday, April 22, 2013

And Now His Watch is Ended

Just watched the fourth episode of Game of Thrones. Despite, once again, jarring stuff, that last scene was - for a television series - rather epic (if incredibly short!) and left me all exhilarated. Had to watch it twice, what a great delivery from actress Emilia Clarke the warrior princess. I loved that they ~ahem~ kept Jaime's hand in, I hadn't expected that. Quite a few interesting scenes today, Cersei/Tywin was a good one, seeing Varys taken aback (by Lady Olenna) was fun; but so much was simply not from the books in this episode that it kind of hurt a little bit none the less. The Craster scene was good but lacked emotional punch, and the episode - despite his absence - reminded me how the most butchered character is and remains Littlefinger. How good isn't Littlefinger in the books? I think I'm going to say that if I had to have one pet peeve with the show, it's the way Littlefinger/Petyr Baelish is treated, dammit. Even when the actor looks like he stepped out of the books even. Ah, but that last scene really made up for a lot, didn't it. Dracarys. Me <3 Daenerys Stormborn. What about the scene in the Hollow Hill with Sandor Clegane, Thoros of Myr and Beric Dondarrion? I don't know. Personally I felt that the scene fell a little flat, maybe because it - as far as I can tell - is a tad confusing for non-readers. I guess that with more episodes, the Brotherhood will be more settled in the viewers' minds and I am looking forward to see where they take this storyline.

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