Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Geek rhymes with tomato streak

Yay, I'm rather predictable. As I predicted I'd soon enough grow tired of repeatedly clicking buttons inEverquest II and last night I was able to enjoy listening to some music instead, and today I got around to start the final draft of a short story, 3,000 words down and about 2,000 to go. It feels so much better to be productive than just being, ah, reactive. That being said, now that I feel good about myself, I'll take a quick jump into the world of Norrath to see how my dark elf necromancer fares and to get a feel for where I am on the addiction scale. With some luck, I'll be out again quickly :p Kind of risky though, isn't it, but not on the  level of being an ex-drug addict just checking to see if heroin is less interesting today.

In other news, my Re-reading A Clash of Kings book might just get published after all, but with newpeople backing it. More news on this when I have given the script a new pass (haven't read it for a couple of years) - there's a lot of ifs involved yet, though. 

In other other news I actually managed to finish a novel last night, though I had to push myself through the last dissapointing third - the story in question was War in Tethyr, another Forgotten Realms novel. As I've explained I want to check out some of the Realms novels out of curiosity and to get a better grasp of the setting as I've begun running a game in this world. War in Tethyr is a vast improvement on the last Realms novel I tried (Red Magic), but still isn't anywhere near truly good fantasy like Martin, Abercrombie, Rothfuss, Erikson et al. The first half was quite enjoyable - although it took some time to get used to a talking horse as one of the main characters - even though the game system shines through at times ("She cast a fireball spell"). War in Tethyr had much better characters, with the star of the story being Zaranda...Star, who is a magic-wielding fighter doing the good deed for the people of Tethyr, a bit like Robin Hood and Lord Beric Dondarrion, but with the magic turned to eleven. The story's premise really deserves another hundred pages or so, though. It's a story of civil war and political dissent but still comes across as a bit underdeveloped and remains a fantasy yarn without the scope the story requires.

Still, the author (one Victor Milán) manages to keep men entertained through many sections although it becomes a little bit confusing toward the end (and predictable). It does bring hope that there might be some good Realms novels after all. It felt more like a story than a game's campaign journal like Red Magic did. This leaves me to finish a third Realms novel I've been chomping at, Shadowdale, and I've actually picked up The Way of Kings again (!) - the book itself doesn't seem to be picking up anytime soon, however. It's still slow and meticulous, but I was pleasantly surprised to see I remembered the main characters and their stories (which goes to show just how slow this story builds). I'd give War in Tethyr a solid 6,5 (in a good mood today, remember). The book made me consider giving Zaranda a cameo appearance in the campaign, as we're playing about a year before the events of this novel. You can read about all our two sessions so far over at Obsidian Portal in Once Upon the Realms.

You may have noticed it's been a while since the last A Storm of Swords post. You may also have noticed that this is due to two primary reasons. Everquest II and a new baby in the house. There is actually a third reason which is, as I have also written about before, that I've begun to collect all the old Forgotten Realms role-playing books, searching eBay and assorted online stores for the gems I'm still missing. Reading them as they arrive is almost like a guilty pleasure. And it makes me want to play so bad. Why am I still eighteen inside when it comes to this geek stuff? Today I feel guilty about being a family man and spending time wondering about Daggerdale's problems in Doom of Daggerdale and why Elminster who lives basically next door and is an overpowered wizard doesn't come to the aid. Ah, secondary worlds! You naughty...escapes, you. 

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