Monday, April 22, 2013

Trapped in Norrath

So a while ago I was sitting with my oldest son wondering what to do and decided to show him Everquest II, which is now free to play on Steam. Sneakily I set up a Steam account on Lady Slynt's computer, downloaded the game to her machine and then I entered the world of Norrath with my son, showing him the sights and just letting him have some fun (the best part for him was the ability to write stuff in /say, and then see it displayed onscreen, which led to a whole lot of strange conversations for any onlookers, where words like 'fart' and 'pee' were bandied about).
What I did not expect was to get hooked by the game (after all, it's a 2004 release and even then it wasn't quite there). While my heir has returned to Minecraft, I've become mired in EQ2 ... again. A lot has changed in all those years within this particular secondary world and before I knew what was going on, you know, addiction-wise, I was travelling the Darklight Woods questing my hat off every time there was a spare moment in the currently otherwise rather full schedule. Not good I guess. It has put everything else I like to do kind of on the backburner because I just have to complete that quest, or go there and do that. It's Everquest II's greatest strength - there's just so much to do. A lot of options for your gameplay. It's linear and very traditional, but also different enough (and in places rather weird) to have kept me on a leash daily for the last couple of weeks or so. I wish I had a computer that was able to run it at maximum settings, but it doesn't really matter. What matters is that I have two paintings and three trophies hanging on the wall of the hallway of my apartment in Freeport, I suppose.
Well, I reckon I'll get sick of it any day now, and get back to writing that story I was working on for SFF, continue to read A Storm of Swords and all those other books on the bedside table, and watch episode four of Game of Thrones which I had frankly forgotten while I was delving deep down into an orc-infested cave system. Dangerous, very dangerous, these online worlds. Alluring and driving someone else in the household crazy. Stay tuned.

My Dark Elf necromancer posing in her hallway. Why? Oh why?!

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