Sunday, May 26, 2013

A New Quest

Ah, glorious hot early summer Sunday. How I've missed ye.
After coaching the local kids football team, taking my son and friends to the playground, mowing the lawn and many other assorted everyday duties, I could finally kick back in the chair outside, get to work on my tan and read a lil' bit o' fantasy.

Today I decided to stomp through and finish The Avatar Trilogy: Book One: Shadowdale (more commonly known as simply Shadowdale), yet another novel in the FORGOTTEN REALMS (R) setting which I'm currently fixated on exploring. This then is the third of such novels I've finished this year (after Red Magic, which was atrocious, and War in Tethyr which was kind of fun). The first half or so of the book had me baffled as I couldn't really understand the character motivations at play, but I just went with it and let the characters feel like game characters. The book actually had me hooked toward the end, though there were still a few hickups along the way, it was nicely entertaining (perfect material for a lazy afternoon in the sun, shut off the brain and just enjoy good old adventures) but Martin it ain't. Here, characters perform murders then go to bed with nary a thought; no characterization of any worthwhile level then, but its all about the world and the magic and the fun you can have with that. The main bad guy is a Sauron-like character, the heroes aren't that heroic but still have some nice qualities (I suspect they're all chaotic good except for Cyric), the events depicted herein are over the top but it's all enjoyable at some level anyway. I've already pulled the sequel, Tantras, out of the bookshelf, but I'll finish up Cornwell's 1356 first, because it's a great read and I am curious where it will go. No longer shall I read six books at the same time! It is my new goal, nay mission, nay Quest. 


  1. "After coaching the local kids football team"


    He is lost to us!

  2. 21°C is hot? Wow, you're a pussy.