Monday, May 20, 2013

Elsewise this week

Been a few hot days spent in the sun with the family, very nice. Time to watch Game of Thrones: Episode VIII: Second Sons, or should I postpone it a week so the wait for episode nine will feel shorter? Yeah right, I have that kind of self-discipline.

Looks like a fun episode, judging by this image:

Gotta love this image with Tyrion using that bowl as a mirror ^^

Elsewise this week I've been geeking only a little; reading a little bit, sneaking in a few games of Neverwinter (and, Roy, the Lair of the Mad Dragon wasn't that difficult, final boss excepted! I'll admit my group wasn't able to beat him, due to lack of DPS)  and also returning to Neverwinter Nights 2 to see if I could beat that difficult ambush the story served me (and which made me stop playing a few months ago - if you really want to notice how fast time flies, check out your save game dates) and what do you know I survived after a few different strategic attempts. I'd love to continue that story now, but there are still a few term papers left to correct, the GoT episode to watch (maybe!) and kids to put in bed. 

Halfway through Bernard Cornwell's 1356, I find it a rather refreshingly fast-paced and easy read, it's a bit like A Game of Thrones without the fantasy and the in-depth characterization, almost like a synopsis of certain events in medieval history (with embellishment) - ah, but the images the book conjures up of those days of yore. Lovely. About one quarter left of Richard Awlinson's The Avatar Trilogy I: Shadowdale (I've since learned that there is no Richard Awlinson, it's a pseudonym for several D&D/Forgotten Realms authors) - it's not too bad, just a little painful at times, but it serves me well enough for my continuing project of getting back into the Forgotten Realms mode. 

But seriously I'm actually feeling the need to get back to A Storm of Swords (and I want to revisit books four and five as well for various reasons) so one of these days there'll be a re-read post again. Assuredly before The Winds of Winter.

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