Monday, May 20, 2013

Second Sons

Well, well, that's how long I lasted. Last night was Game of Thrones night again.
I don't have the time for a long review, just a few brief thoughts.

Slynt is having crush. He probably not alone.
Quite clearly, Daenerys' story has turned into possibly the most enjoyable. This is not only because of the return of booty**, but her scenes are so strong, and Emilia Clarke's presence has become so strong, and her helpers are great, and her opponents are interesting (Mero really was a bastard, wasn't he?), and the designs of sets and costumes stand out, in my opinion. 'New' character Daario was an improvement to the book, methinks - it doesn't happen often that the show does something I approve of more than the original text, so that's kewl.
** I accidentally said, "Finally!" when she got out of the bath tub, but Lady Slynt didn't notice. Methinks she was goggling Daario Naharis herself.

Peter Dinklage was a great Tyrion in this episode as well, and Sophie Turner played Sansa to perfection; they got across the awkwardness of the wedding although I wish the wedding itself followed the book even closer. Tywin felt a little bit too soft in this episode, Cersei was perfect and as I've said before, she looks the part much more now than in the first season. Joffrey Baratheon, played by Jack Gleeson, was a highlight this episode. What a prick, eh. Still struggling with Margaery Tyrell, but too tired to become too bothered about her right now.

The Samwell scene was perfect right up until the moment I saw that it was the silly cartoon zombie-thing Others White Walkers. Why, oh, why, couldn't they have made the Others as creepy, icy, ethereal, spooky and mysterious as they were in the books? A ghostly, semi-transparent, ethereal being approaching through the woods, frost crackling to life all around it as it moves, with a ghost-light sword raised high, would have been much more effective in keeping the show's dark side. Zombie-thingy is just silly and takes away all the suspense. Lady Slynt was biting nails when the crows began to caw loudly, and when the zombie showed up she just rolled her eyes at the silliness. And Lady Slynt can be scared witless by a crime movie. Really a bad decision to give the Others this look - also, they are looking too similar to the wights making it hard to distinguish the two types of undead.!
from the end of season 2. While I still hold that their biggest mistake is Littlefinger, on a good number two spot we've got the

All in all, I was entertained throughout the episode, I didn't really mind that the scenes were longer and the characters fewer (I missed Jaime, but found Jon's absence refreshing). My favorite scene was the first scene of the episode between Arya Stark and Sandor Clegane and what do you know- it was a scene that felt closer to the books than many other scenes.

Olenna trying to make sense of the marriage was funny too, come to think of it.

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