Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Bear and the Maiden Fair Postponed.

Yeah I was kind of ranty last night, wasn't I? Incidentally, I never got around to watch that seventh episode of GoT because my eyes just refused to stay open; I was too tired to watch, which I count as a first. It's nice though to have it in reserve, and the wait for the eighth episode will be a little bit shorter as well, so I guess it's all good...
..but how I wish they kept their story closer to the books! Of course, they have to keep a certain momentum to keep the wider audience interested, but as an Ice and Fire-fan I wouldn't mind one episode per chapter, with all the dialogue from the books intact. Okay, two chapters per episode then, for variety's sake. I really wouldn't mind.
I miss Vayon Poole. Jhalabhar Xho. Jeyne Westerling. Jeyne Poole. Bess Cassel. Harwin. Hullen. Donal Noye. Strong Belwas. Garlan Tyrell. Left and Right. The tomcat. Boros Blount. Osmund Kettleblack (or was he in the show but they just didn't give him a name?). Ser Balon Swann. The Florents. Ser Flement Brax. Tom Sevenstrings. The Ghost of High Heart. Chett. Ser Addam Marbrand. Patchface. Alfyn Crowkiller. Maege Mormont. Bowen Marsh. Cotter Pyke. Dalla. Morros Slynt. Utherydes Wayn. And so on and so forth! Unrealistic, impossible, yes. Still find myself wishing a complete adaptation, or rather translation, of the novels into TV. Yet when I watch the show I'm finding it entertaining anyway.
But it doesn't even come close to the books. Not even close. They are doing a good job, no doubt - casting and costume design in particular. But all the plot deviations leave me a little cold.
It's kind of frustrating, I can't not watch the series yet it drives me to think way too much about all the good stuff that could have been in the show but has been cut. At the same time, it twists the perceptions I have of characters and locations when I read the books. You just can't win in that case.
I hope the general audience isn't turned off by the plotline from ADWD that has snuck its way into the season. There's still so much ASOS goodness before the story loses its power.

Yeah, see? I just watched the first half of episode seven (last half will have to wait) and I was completely taken by the Daenerys scene. Because these scenes are closer to the books? Because I have a slight crush on Daenerys? I don't know, but one of the stories that are less interesting in the books (compared to other story lines) is absolutely one of the more fascinating and well presented in the TV series. And while watching I forgot about all the nits I have to pick because the show does manage to keep me engrossed. It is only after watching an episode and I begin to mull things over that I... ack, why can't I just take this for what it is and stop freaking thinking about it so much?

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