Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Bear and the Maiden Fair

Well, I couldn't help myself. I wrestled some time from the schedule so I could watch the rest of Game of Thrones: Episode VII: The Bear and the Maiden Fair. And will be watching it one more time tonight with the Lady Slynt, who so innocently expects me to come to this episode a virgin. But nay!

Well, once again I found myself absolutely wrapped up in the proceedings, even though 95% of the episode doesn't actually happen like they show it, in the books. I mean, there were a few lines of dialogue from the book (and they resonate so much more!), there were scenes from the book but not one which isn't altered in some minor or major way, but the acting - the stellar acting from some of these people - and the beautiful shooting keeps me enthralled as the pictures move across the screen.

Brienne and Jaime are the clear winners of the episode. I almost choked up when Brienne called him 'Ser Jaime', and I was on the edge of my seat during their final scene together. They play so well, and play off each other so well, and of course honorable mention to Bart the Bear (at least that's what I think its name is). The Daenerys scene was a close second.

The Jon Snow/Ygritte-scenes were better than they usually are, Tyrion and Bronn together again was good, Qyburn is a great casting choice/character; I really have only two big nitpicks this time - I felt the Osha/Bran scene fell a little flat (and the Hodor which many seem to like felt awkward to me), and the locations looked too similar today as if they were filming around the same hill, Bran on the northern slope, Jon on the southern slope, and Jaime on the eastern slope. Well, the bothering thing was that the scene where Jaime decides to go back for Brienne takes place in a grassy hilly region very similar to the North so I guess a new viewer could feel disoriented here (is he that far north?); better if the scene took place in the forests Jaime and Brienne wandered earlier in the season.

I still don't care for the Talisa character but Robb was doing good this episode, Catelyn/Brynden was nice, and I wish I wish I wish we had more Riverrun, more Brynden, more Edmure and everything else Riverrun that has been cut from the story so far. They really should've put Riverrun in season two and made A Clash of Kings across two season as well.

Now for HBO to begin planning The Malazan Book of the Fallen: Season One: Gardens of the Moon as well as The First Law: Season One: The Blade Itself.
Speaking of The Blade Itself, that particular story is being treated to a free online comic treatment in case you didn't know and stuff.

And now to finish correcting those term papers. It's the new motto of House Slynt these days. "We correct term papers". Wawaweeeeeewa.

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