Monday, June 24, 2013

Lazy lazy monday

Back home after a weekend in the southern parts of the,ah, North. Not going to anywhere resembling Dorne or some such this year. It's raining and it's cold, which leads to indoors activities with Slynt Jr. So far, we've built a dungeon using tiles I found at the LFGS (see previous post), built some weird stuff in Minecraft, rebuilt a scattered LEGO pod racer, discussed the problem with deforesting, lunched, and now the next goal is figuring out dinner. Since lady Slynt and Slynt Jr Jr are still in the south, its going to be something ridiculously easy to prepare and it will probably be somewhat on the unhealthy side. Most likely.
But really, what a lazy day. Like Homer Jay, I love those lazy days. Maybe I'll do something useful today as well. If it stops raining. Rain equals indoor geekery. And maybe a few chores. Maybe.

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