Saturday, June 22, 2013

Local friendly game store

The first day of summer and I found myself, for the first time in a long time, alone in a so-called local friendly game store. "Local" doesn't really apply for me as it took four hours of driving but it is the closest I have. Their prices are, even for us natives, somewhat outrageous but boy did it feel good to wander amongst countless board games, fantasy novels, RPGs, cards, toys and collectibles. I drooled over many an item I can't afford, like the statuette of Emperor Palpatine in his throne, and a chain mail shirt (not that I know what I actually would do with it), and a host of games I'd love to try. Eventually I settled for the novel «The Red Knight», a Realms novel, a couple of dice, a House Targaryen stein for Slynt to drink ale from, a Star Wars mug for Slynt Junior I who is rapidly becoming as Star Wars nutty as his father, and a box of D&D tiles because I don't know. I almost picked up Steven Erikson's "The Wurms of Blearmouth" but I found it way too expensive per page even if it's the only Malazan tale I haven't read. Ah but to be in an actual geek boutique again. Goodness. Beats shopping online.

This is my first time using the Blogger app btw. Maybe it will herald an influx of useless postings and ramblings. We'll see.

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