Monday, June 24, 2013

Not altogether lazy after all

Way, I got out of the couch and did something useful. The script for my second book, Waiting for Winter: Re-reading A Clash of Kings has been sent to a new publisher, so fingers crossed and arms tattooed with a plethora of House Tyrell roses in wildly varying colors for maximum manliness. 

I've also written a foreword for another book related to the Ice & Fire world, but more on this (and the possible release of Waiting for Winter this year) when I know what I can and can't utter. 

Speaking of writing, I recently submitted a new flash fiction story to the SFF World writer's forum called The Hauntress. You can read it here, in my Words are Wind section of the blog (yes, I know, these are really two separate blogs but I like to think of them as, well, sections. Sections rule.) - I notice that I haven't updated that ~section~ in a while, I've been writing flash fiction and a couple of short stories for SFF World that I have forgotten to add to Words are Wind. But, you know. Words are wind. Purely for boasting purposes, The Hauntress has received the following accolades: "I liked it a lot", "Well done", and "Excellent, excellent, excellent." Three of them! Still much to learn about the craft, of course - no matter how much I try, I struggle to write anything coherent with any decent length to it. But three excellents go a long way for me, considering it's just a hobby and all that. 


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