Thursday, June 13, 2013

Scouting for Winter

George is back from wherever and has notified us in a new blog post. No sign of any hint of The Winds of
, though. At first I thought maybe that last somewhat cryptic line had to do with the book ("And now I'm back in the land of wolves and savage dust storms, digging out from under.") The land of wolves - the North? Savage dust storms - Dorne? Digging out from under - uhm, Australia? It sounds like he's trying to tell us that he's back in The Winds of Winter. Only, when you look at the comments, there's this Russian fellow asking for an explanation, and George being his charming self responds: "The Spirit Wolf sanctuary in NM." Charming, because he can't be bothered to explain what this means to a fan from far away, and bam! hopes that there was a Winds hint tucked in the post GONE. Oh well. At least he, in a recent interview with what was it, Entertainment Weekly, absolutely is not worried about the TV show speeding past his novels in terms of story progression. Of course, George, of course. They are halfway through A Storm of Swords, and you're claiming the odds are on your side - if, as you say, they choose to film more of the story that remains. The problem, however, is that most of the interesting, exciting and good parts from the books that could be used to make entertaining television have already been cut and trimmed down. There simply is not enough material in A Feast for Crows and A Dance with Dragons to give them more than one season each (and maybe not even that, for the last one). Even those who like A Dance with Dragons surely agree that filming, say, all of Daenerys' chapters won't make entertaining, solid television on par with the seasons we've already devoured? I think it's safe to say that George better hurry with his sixth novel (and though he's off here and there most of his time, I still do believe that he sits down to write when he's home, though most of my fellows at Is Winter Coming? have given up that thought as well).

Meanwhile, after season three of the television show has finished, I've barely given thought to Ice & Fire due to work and my current fixation on collecting Forgotten Realms lore, but I'll be reading the next chapter of A Storm of Swords one of these days, as well as take a look at my script for Waiting for Winter: Re-reading A Clash of Kings because it seems now that it will finally see the light of day, as an e-book, but more about this when things are properly planned and discussed with the new publisher. Meanwhile, if you're in need of an Ice and Fire fix why not visit the Tower of the Hand, perhaps the best fan site for the saga with an ever-increasing amount of articles, discussions, reads and re-reads and much, much more; or Winter is Coming, the biggest fan site for the HBO show, where discussion has already turned toward Season 4, or any of the many blogs you can find using Google to see just how many people who are invested in this series (and its outcome). 

Halfway through Richard Awlinson's Tantras (gods, but this is bad writing yet still alluring), more than halfway through 1356 and stuff. See ya.

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