Sunday, July 28, 2013

Home is where the geek is

It's good to be out in the wider world with the family on vacation, but it is also nice to come back home. I did feel some Internet abstinence while I was away, but not as bad as I expected. Goes to show that life is more than the Internet after all.

Since I've been away with people not remotely where I am geek-wise, there has been little geekery, though. I received an extra memory card for my smartphone from a brother-in-law, which allowed me to port my PDF collection of Dragon magazines to it, so I've been reading old issues of Dragon whenever I wasn't too full of beer or was doing stuff with the family (years ago, I bought the Dragon Magazine Archive set of CD-ROMs, and I'm still having fun with it). 

Also, while in a city, I found a geek store and there I bought a few cute dice which have been rattling in my pockets since. When you're out in real life and a fantasy fix is desired, just put your hand in your pocket and touch those dice. Worked for me. Now, if I only had more people around me who actually enjoy games using dice like these...but they are so far away, so far away. Sigh. Look at those cute dice, just begging for a good old roleplaying yarn.

Coming back late last night I felt like I *had* to go online right away in case I had "missed" something. Of interest to me personally was that have released excerpts from the upcoming Martin-edited collection Dangerous Women, and the site promises an excerpt from Martin's own piece as well (I thought we were getting a fourth Dunk & Egg novella but this The Princess and the Queen - stuff sounds like something different). Not a very inspired title if you ask me, but then again you aren't asking.

In other news John Williams is scoring Star Wars episode VII, which I suppose is a good thing if they can let him do his thing and not cut the music the way they did in the prequels which was frankly terrible. And Ed Greenwood's released two more lore articles for his Forgotten Realms. And there's been some Game of Thrones season 4 casting, including Ellaria Sand. 

So I haven't missed much, and I had a great time away (except when my oldest son convinced me to join him in a rather fast and furious roller coaster - I'm getting too old for these things). But winter is coming...but fortunately not quite yet. I'm off to another country soon before I'm going back to work. I can't complain, I have a very long summer holiday compared to many others but they still pass by so fast it breaks the heart (I like freedom). 

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