Saturday, August 24, 2013


Wow I know I'm a geek but today I've been working hard hammering a floor for the attic. I thought it would be quick and easy but after seven hours and a lot of sweat and curses, I have only finished 1/6th. But so manly. Using noisy equipment and all that. Still, since it's an attic, it is rather dusty and cramped. And outside the sun has been shining all day. Oh well I'd probably be inside anyway, trying out 'Might & Magic X: Legacy', or reading, or playing 'Skyrim' or 'Neverwinter Nights 2'. Oh man now I realize I have wasted the day. Maybe the evening will provide opportunities. I'm inclined to write a little bit, perhaps finish some rpg stuff, play one game or the other in which swords are wielded and spells are hurled (they really are the most appealing computer games), and perhaps flip a few more pages in the latest literary acquisition, 'Wolf Hall'. Speaking of literary loot, I now officially have no space left in my bookshelves :/
Fortunately I haven't read it all yet but still it is a bit disturbing. I do have ebooks but the real thing can't be beaten since it is so hard to display the glorious collection otherwise. I do so love to peek at the spines, dreaming myself away for a moment when I can.

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