Thursday, August 1, 2013

Return of Shadows

For too long have I been idle. Months, maybe as much as a year, has passed in which I've stayed inside my modest abode of Breezehome, next to the smithy in fair Whiterun. But a few days ago, I decided I had to get back in action. I flipped open my tattered journal book in which I note all the things I want to do, and found it full of promises to the people of Skyrim that I had not fulfilled.
I looked at my armor and my weapons, and decided it was time to sharpen the steel and hammer out the kinks, and get back on the path of the Dragonborn.
With dragon blood in my veins, I cannot sit idly by, can I?

I am Shadows, my real Dark Elven name withheld for reasons my own. I wield the sword, spells of fiery destruction, and I occasionally chuckle as guards complain about arrows in their knees. After it became a meme and then a roll-your-eyes-heard-it-before-thing, that particular complaint stands out like never before. I am a jack of all trades. I can be a warrior, fighting with sword and shield in the fray. I can be a thief, sneaking through forgotten dungeons to plant arrows in my enemies. I can be a mage, hurling fire and healing myself. Above all, I am Dragonborn.

And so I went to Riften, finding myself in the underground tavern where I finally found Esben who could helpmy story is beautiful, magnificent. My horse died, slain by two winter wolves, but I persevered, finding myself in a variety of adventures over the last couple of days, reacquanting myself with the cumbersome inventory, re-learning how the Shouts worked, I have picked up again my hobby of blacksmithing, and I have rearranged the bookshelves in Breezehome to accomodate for more volumes of lore.
me continue the main quest. Inbetween, I fulfilled a few other promises to folk. I rode into the Karthspire canyon, fighting the wicked Forsworn in a battle so memorable I wish it was filmed. This is epic material, an experience few other computer games can match. The way the game bends to suit

Many a foe have fallen before my bow and arrows, my ebony sword and my recently acquired Dragonbane sword. And more will have to fall ere I can defeat the mighty Alduin. I am back in Skyrim, and they shall tremble.

I am still supporting the Imperial legions, but unbeknownst to them I have decided to slit the throats of their leaders for what they did so long ago when the first dragon attacked. For now, I will comply to their commands, but one day, Shadows will execute them all. But first, catching butterflies for some potions.

Also, I have tested out my Elven Bow which I have made 'exquisite' at the forge, and now I am running through the Draugr like never before, arrows flying like I was Legolas' evil brother. What a game, folks, what a game! So addictive once you're "back in". Dangerous, and interesting, how a game can be so compelling. Right now all I'd like to do is go back and finish exploring the dungeon I'm in, but real life calls. Ack.

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