Friday, August 2, 2013

Two Movies in Two Days

By accident (or the alignment of the stars, or the will of your favorite deity) I've been to the cinema twice this week, and one of them wasn't even a movie for the kids.
On Wednesday, me and a neighbor took our boys to see Despicable Me 2, which, like the first one, is fun for both young and old, although this second movie was even wayer over the top. More gags too, though. The kids laughed, the old guys chuckled. Entertained all the way through, cute and dense and tense and silly.

The next day we decided to go and see a film without the kids, which ended up being The Wolverine in 3D. Now, I've never been a fan of superheroes but as a kid I did enjoy reading The Amazing Spiderman because the character was witty, and I liked the X-Men well enough. Later I found I liked the Nolan Batman films and the X-Men films. So I expected to like The Wolverine as well, which I kind of did - I was entertained throughout, but the film itself has a very and I mean very flawed script. I haven't read the story / comic this particular movie is based on, but the story in the film was very weak, with a few glaring plot holes, weak characterization and a number of uninspired scenes (countered by some very inspired scenes though). They could have simplified the motivations of some characters so streamline the story, and made a few things clearer. In the end, the main villain's nefarious schemes are as incomprehensible as Senator Palpatine's in The Phantom Menace. A shame, really, because Hugh Jackman is awesome as Logan / Wolverine, when I walked out of the theater I kind of wished I was more like him in the coolness / muscles department. The other actors did a fair enough job with what they were given but most secondary characters were woefully underdeveloped. Still, I was entertained by the spectacle, especially the train sequence which took that classic bit of fighting on train wagon roofs to the next level action-wise. 

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