Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Flight of Sorrows: Collector's Edition

So I managed to spill water all over my laptop and it even got into various ports and damaged the battery; I am writing on it now so it works for the most part, but I need to have the keyboard changed because I'm missing six or so letters and it makes it really hard to write. Also, because I have no PC at home (saving up for a new one after my last laptop and stationary machine both imploded) I've had to delete all my private stuff on it before I send it off for repairs. Which is a roundabout way of saying I'm a little late with the next re-read post (and I was finally on a once-a-week roll) because writing is a really annoying thing to be doing with keys missing, bent and unresponsive unless you hammer it with your fingertip (does that make me sound strong?). Ye olde gods how many times do I have to tap just to get an "R" ?? Geez.

Anyway, in the meantime, fabulous fansite Tower of the Hand has revealed its new publication, a collector's edition of Flight of Sorrows. Formerly an e-book, now an actual printed book with lots of new material for those who already have the digital version. Here is the press release for said book. I was kindly asked to write a new additional foreword for this collector's edition, which I did. I thought it was very nice that they asked someone who's, well, on the "wrong side of the fence" (as in, having been smacked around by Ran's Mighty Banhammer +1 and being a pain in George R.R. Martin's ass on occasion). Not that I'm being particularly outspoken or nasty in this new foreword, by no means (just one little dig out of tradition and/or habit) - anyway, I am really looking forward to this collection of essays by fans of A Song of Ice and Fire. I have read some of it already and it's a real treat for any Ice & Fire-fan, and perhaps (and no, I am not tooting any horns here) the best product to come out of this franchise this year even though it is fan-made, TV series excepted. All right, here is the press release as published over at the Tower.

Tower of the Hand: A Flight of Sorrows - Collector's Edition comes out in one week and one day. Never heard of it? It's a special print edition of the best-selling ebook, released due to popular demand, that includes a whole slew of extra content. And to celebrate the occasion, we're happy to let you all in on a little secret: the Collector's Edition's complete lineup (which, we're delighted to finally share, includes a few extra faces from the Ice and Fire community).

Here we go:

Foreword - Remy Verhoeve, author of Waiting for Dragons

Bendable Joints and Removable Body Parts

Introduction - Marc N. Kleinhenz, editor

The Princes Kept the View

A full-length, behind-the-scenes essay that provides a fly-on-the-wall recounting of the ebook's genesis and initial designs, including its original listing of essays and lineup of authors (a number of whom never made it to the finished product). Other tidbits include the very first attempt at creating Tower of the Hand: The Book years before and a sneak peek of what's in store for 2016.

"Savoring the Taste?" - Stefan Sasse, essayist at Tower of the Hand and co-host of the Boiled Leather Audio Hour

On the role of revenge in songs of ice and fire

Why is it that so many players in the game of thrones seek revenge as their number-one priority? How is it that these plans almost always deny the revenge-seeker satisfaction, even when they're successful? And what is George R.R. Martin telling us, exactly, about the nature of vengeance?

"The Prince Is Riding" - Miles Schneiderman, essayist at Tower of the Hand

Rebutting the identity of - and the aim of the conspiracy around - Aegon Targaryen

The ebook posited that Aegon was a "mummer's dragon" and provided many details explaining the what, who, and why of the conspiracy. The print book refutes that conspiracy and explains how Aegon really being a Targaryen not only makes perfect sense, but how it tracks with all the other developments in all the other books.

"A Feast of Vipers" - Amin Javadi, co-host of A Podcast of Ice and Fire

Ethnic diversity, personal identification, and fandom theories in Dorne

A celebration of the diversity and solidarity of Dorne, the most unique of the Seven Kingdoms. It's also an investigation into why Dorne is proving itself to be the most controversial of the Seven Kingdoms, getting caught up in debates of ethnicity, audience identification, and the role - or lack thereof - of stereotypes.

"The King's Justice Is Mute, Not Blind" - John Jasmin

Why trials in Westeros are not what they seem

A continuation of the legal explorations into Westerosi society, expanding upon the original essay's theme and scope both. What is the difference between the king's justice and the King's Justice, and how can one differentiate between the two? More importantly, how can the king?

Afterword - Kyle Maddock, co-host of A Podcast of Ice and Fire

Completed Songs and Frozen Conversations

All in all, we've added roughly 18,000 words to the overall count, expanding on the ebook edition by nearly a third.

In addition, all 13 chapters of the original A Flight of Sorrows are included, in a brand-new, re-edited version. Think of this as the director's cut of the material, polished and improved for your total reading pleasure.

Tower of the Hand: A Flight of Sorrows - Collector's Edition goes on sale on October 1, 2013, for one month only. Find it on CreateSpace.com for $15.99.
Come November 1, the Collector's Edition will never, ever go on sale again.

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