Saturday, November 2, 2013

Blue Buddha Press Release: 2014 Preview

So my script for Waiting for Winter: Re-reading A Clash of Kings has finally found a home and is getting published. Here is the press release from my new friends at Blue Buddha Press (the first book, Waiting for Dragons: Re-reading A Game of Thrones) is still available in online bookstores across the world.

Blue Buddha Press, the publishing company behind Tower of the Hand: A Flight of Sorrows and the It Is Known series, has brand-spankin’-new, completely free ebook out today.  Think of it more as an e-catalogue, actually:  it contains a listing, overview, and extensive excerpt from each of its releases, including those that have yet to come out.

The can’t-miss part of all this for the diehard Song of Ice and Fire fan?  The inclusion of the first, full-length sample from our upcoming Tower of the Hand: A Hymn for Spring – some eight months before the book comes out.  There’s also some other little details announced about it, as well, such as who our next author is going to be (hint:  A Podcast of Ice and Fire fans should be very happy).

And if all that isn’t enough for you, we have a Q&A with ASOIAF super-writer Stefan Sasse about his very first (American) e-book release, along with a pretty lengthy first-look at it.  And we do the same grand introduction for the controversial Remy Verhoeve, who has Waiting for Winter: Re-reading A CLASH OF KINGS coming out in just a few short weeks (his best chance for a shot at redemption?).

These are the books that you’re going to be reading to help pass the time until The Winds of Winter is out – you might as well start getting to know them now.  =)


Due to Amazon’s demands, we are only able to provide Blue Buddha: 2014 Preview for free for the next five days.  That means you only have until Wednesday, November 6th to check out A Hymn for Spring and all the other great titles for no money whatsoever.  After that… well, we’re working on a permanent solution, with or without Amazon.

But in the meantime, click away before you lose out!

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