Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Temptations of the Dark Side

So tempted to buy these reportedly detailed and beautiful Star Wars behind-the-scenes books, even though I probably know 90% of the stuff already. No, not the horribly expensive print editions, but the more reasonably priced e-book versions which also contain links to audio and video material...but I already have such a huge to-read pile... can I resist the pull of the Force? It has always been there, the Force, keeping me addicted to this stuff...but not so much now as when I was younger, before the dark times, before the prequels...but they look so good...and the reviews are so favorable...must...resist...Must not throw more money at this franchise...but Star Wars is a part of your life and will always be...NoooOooooOOOoo! Meh. Yes. No! Yes! Dude, you spent a nauseating amount of money on tickets for a metal festival yesterday. You can't go off and throw more money at George Lucas now. But it's Star Wars! I loves! NoOOo! Ack. Only one of them then. But you know that will only make you want to buy the other two as well! Nah, you think so, gollum gollum? BAH!

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