Tuesday, December 31, 2013


We're less than two hours away from 2014 in the northern hemisphere at least, and people are already sending up their money in the form of firecrackers. December 31st is a day of reflection and when looking back at 2013 with my geek-glasses on, I can honestly say that '13 wasn't the most memorable of years. Not that it was bad - but was there anything outstanding?

In fantasy literature, there have been a few titles released but I think I only own one - The Red Knight, which I haven't read yet. Oh, wait - Ian C. Esslemont's Blood & Bone of course. No wait again, that's a 2012 title right? I was thinking of Red Country (Joe Abercrombie) as well, but that one's a 2012 release as well. That was a good year. That was a nice read, and probably his best. I guess the Dangerous Women anthology I am currently reading is a contender. As was the The Making of Return of the Jedi book. But both of them aren't novels

In fantasy movies, well, there was The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. Aside from the wonderful coolness of the word 'desolation', it wasn't very good. There were probably other good movies but when does one have time these days for movies? 

In fantasy computer gaming, there wasn't much at all. There was, but not anything a grognard such as myself found interesting enough to throw money at (though 2014 looks more promising in that regard!). 

I am left with Game of Thrones' third season as the main fantamagimminy of 2013, and it was a fantastic season for many reasons so well deserved. I am looking forward to new novels by Erikson and Esslemont (and one can hope Martin against all hope), games like Everquest Next and The Elder Scrolls Online and Legend of Grimrock 2, and tomorrow we can all happily say, "next year we'll see Star Wars Episode VII". 

One final note - the realm of heavy metal never dissapoints, as my three favorite albums of the year 2013 can attest to: Watain's The Wild Hunt, Carcass' Surgical Steel and My Dying Bride's EP The Manuscript.

Go 2014!

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